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The Rojak guide to Singapore’s Nature and Heritage

Having cheap and free fun on the sunny island

I have recieved several emails during th past 1 year asking me about various aspects of Singapore. As such, I have taken some time to write a short travel guide for visitors to Singapore. I have named it Rojak’s guide to Singapore. This is the first version and I hope to improve it further in the future.

Rojak is a popular dish in Singapore. The name of the dish itself is a Malay word which means mixing various things together to form something. The dish itself is a mixture of various ingredients like pineapple, radish, flour fritters and various others depending on the stall you patronize, all mixed in a fragrant (or some say pungent) prawn paste. Not only is this dish tasty, it is also cheap and easily found in most food centers in Singapore.

Like the dish, this guide hopes to provide you with the favors of Singapore’s Nature and heritage, without burning your pocket. I am going to show you exactly where we Singaporean have cheap and often free fun on our own. In fact, Singaporeans love “cheap and good”, and I aim to bring you exactly just that in this guide.

This guide will not include all the tourist attractions like other guidebooks. This information can easily be found on guidebooks and free maps provided at the airport or hotels. The guide aim to include places that I regularly visit myself. This guide will aim to include other interesting places in Singapore that does not charge any entrance fee, where you can enjoy a leisurely walk at your own pace.

I would appreciate if you could share your feedback and comments with me in the website. I would also love to hear from you if you have any reviews or additions you wish to include in the website or in this guide itself. Enjoy


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