Most unclean hotel in Asia 2011

Tripadvisor came with with the 2011 Top 10 dirtiest hotel in Asia and surprise, the first and third spots are held by Singapore hotels.

In 1st palace is Goldkist beach resort at east coast park.  To be fair, this is a chalet rather than a hotel. I remember these chalets fondly when I used to stay there more than 20 years ago. These are 1 or 2 story chalets which front the beach. This always means a wonderful view with great seabreeze.  At that time, these chalets used to be own by UDMC and was therefore called the UDMC chalets. The place was generally simple and clean then. Things might have changed since. Reviewers on tripadvisor mentioned dirty toilets, unclean towels and cockroaches. It was reported that one night stay cost between S$108 to S$228. that’s actually a pretty hefty price tag for a chalet.

In third place is the Aspinal hotel in Syed Alwi Road. I’ve never been to the hotel personally although the hotel website photos look pretty decent. Reviwers complained about bedbugs (which is pretty rare in Singapore) and dirty toilets. It was subsequently reported in the Straits Times Singapore that the hotels was apparently inspected by the National Environmental Agency after the tripadvisor list was out..
All I can say is, there are no lack of good hotels in Singapore, and maybe also bad ones.

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