SIngapore Stock Market New: Should I buy Aztech Global Ltd.

One of Aztech Product

Aztech Global was listed in March 2021 and have seen a good run up from $1.28 IPO price to 1.52 in April 2021. The price has since dropped and it is trading at 1.27 today on SGX.

What does Aztech global do? It creates products as part of a “connected world”. It’s products include IoT devices and other electric devices. These are either marketed as Aztech products or as other brand or are supplied to other brand makers. This is an area of increasing needs going into the future.

In terms of Finances, the Q4 income is 25.21 million. While this might seem small, this is a 112% growth from the year before. This gives it a diluted EPS of 0.04. Together with cash on hand of 11.46 million, it is suffice to say that Aztech is in good financial state currently.

In terms of history, the company was founded in Singapore in 2009. It was initially listed and delisted in 2017 and finally listed again in 2021.

I would consider Aztech a good mid term investment (3-5 years) at a price of no more than $1.30 given it’s potential for growth in the next 3-5 years.

Kilt Lee
The opinion are personal thoughts and should not replace official financial advice.

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